Referrals Bring You Big Bucks!

Earn money for each new customer you bring to (MWS)

How does the MWS affiliate program work?

It's so simple! As an affiliate, you'll direct customers to through banner ads or text links on your site so they can start their FREE Trial. During the FREE Trial period, the customer has no commitments to continue with the service; he/she can cancel at anytime. And, of course, we take care of all the details.

How to become a MWS affiliate?

We invite anyone with a website to apply to become an affiliate. It's easy, and we have no minimum traffic requirements. All it takes is two simple steps:

  1. Read the Affiliate Program TERMS AND CONDITIONS and FAQ
  2. Apply to Become an Affiliate

Once your application is accepted, you will be directed to a menu of tools, including the MWS logo, creative and code needed to set up your links. You will also be able to produce reports and track your program results.

* Please note that email marketing, search marketing and incentives can be used only with permission from MWS. We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam, adware and spyware.

** View the Affiliate Directory Links page to see where you can find our affiliate program listed on the internet.

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